South of Jordan awareness campaign by EHS


Electronic Health Solutions has organized an awareness session about “Hakeem” program and the benefits of its implementation in the hospitals and medical centers affiliated to the Ministry of Health through computerizing the electronic health records in the province of Petra this past Thursday with the aim of raising the level of health care provided to citizens. During the seminar, there was a concentration on the importance of concerted efforts to mainstream electronic health applications at the national level to include all hospitals and centers for the public sector in the development of radical health care provided to citizens in accordance with the best international standards, and improve workflow procedures which reflects positively on the experience of the patient in the hospital or health center, in addition to lower costs and increase the effectiveness of medical management. The program contributes to the creation of a comprehensive data base of patients to support research and scientific studies by providing the necessary and cyclical statistics to the concerned authorities to support the decision-making process and put remedial policies for the advancement of health care in Jordan. The company's current and future approach is to focus on the completion of implementing "Hakeem" program in the coming years to cover the whole areas of the Kingdom. It is noteworthy that "Hakeem" program is the first a national initiative to computerize the health sector in Jordan, and one of the Electronic Health Solutions programs, which was launched at the end of 2009. The company relies on its strategy for the implementation of the program on an information system "Vista" which is developed and used in the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical system. On his part, MP Awad Krishan has valued in his speech at the symposium the efforts of the electronic health solutions and its achievements that have contributed to the development of the public health sector, and expressed his continued support for the success of this national initiative. And participated in the seminar, the Director of the Directorate of Health in Ma’an Dr. Mousa Shahwan and the Director of the Directorate of Health in Aqaba Dr. Haitham Muhaisin and the financial and administrative Commissioner for the authority of the province of Petra Dr. Riyad Shraideh and general managers of hospitals and medical centers in the province of South Jordan.