Hakeem Academy Annual Competition - The Leading healthcare technology competition in Jordan

Haleem Academy Annual Competition (HAAC)

Since 2016, Hakeem Academy conducts an annual competition (HAAC) to promote competitiveness and encourage creativity and innovation amongst university students alongside individuals.

The competition gives individuals from all over the kingdom the opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas and open their horizons to Entrepreneurship as well as build their capacity through their journey in the competition.

What we look for 

The competition targets ideas related to leveraging technology to elevate the health sector, whether the beneficiaries were patients, healthcare professionals, healthcare facilities or decision-makers.

Accepted Ideas can be hardware products (such as medical devices, equipment, and tools) or Software (such as Application, website, and platform).

Participation rules:

  1. Participants must have completed 60 credit hours.
  2. Participation must be in groups, not less than 2 and up to 5 participants. A diversity in specialties is encouraged.
  3. Each participant is allowed to be part of only one group.
  4. Graduation projects will not be accepted.
  5. Each group must assign a team leader in order to be the focal point with Hakeem Academy team throughout the competition.
  6. It is not allowed for students to use other team projects’ that participated in HAAC in previous years.
  7. Participants who applied to HAAC in previous years and were not accepted are encouraged to participate again.
  8. Master’s students are allowed to participate in the competition.
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