How Hakeem program works

1- Obtaining your Electronic Health Record (EHR)

The medical records department enters your personal information into the Hakeem program using your national ID number.

2- How to book your medical appointment

The medical records department will set an appointment electronically for your physician visit. This step saves you time and effort by providing you with the specific date and time of your next physician visit, as well as helping the doctors to easily track down their daily appointments and provide basic patient information.

3- When at the doctor’s clinic

The physician will do the necessary check-ups and directly enters your medical information into the Hakeem program, this information will be saved for future reference and can be pulled out from the system by an authorized personnel from any hospital or clinic which implements Hakeem program within the same entity. This is an automatic and paperless process. (Entities: MoH, RMS, KHCC).

4- Obtaining proper healthcare

According to the physician’s instructions entered in your electronic health record, you will receive the required medical services from the laboratory or radiology departments. All test results and images will be sent to the doctor electronically without the need for you to pick them up personally. Your prescription will also be sent electronically to the pharmacy to be ready for pick up.