Hakeem program packages & functionalities currently implemented in the public health sector

  • Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS), including clinical reminders and vital measurement, etc..This package is considered the core integrated package in the system, where all medical orders are done through.
  • Admissions, Discharge and Transfer (ADT).
  • Patient Information Management system (PIM) GUI.
  • Clinical scheduling system.
  • Emergency Department Integration Software (EDIS).
  • Flow sheet.
  • Surgery.
  • Nutrition and Food system (NFS).
  • Dental.
  • Pharmacy:
    • Out-patient pharmacy.
    • In-patient pharmacy.
  • Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA).
  • Laboratory including lab instrument interfaces.
  • VistA Imaging (VI).
  • Patient billing module (optional).
  • Inventory management module (optional).

Extra modules

  • Dashboards and reporting tool.
  • Dr@Hakeem mobile application.
  • Medical calculator.
  • Medical chart review tool.