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Accomplished Sites

Implemented in 2017 (7)

Qasr Aladel primary clinic
Al Rama Primary Clinic
Thuhaibah Western Primary Clinic
Thuhaibah Eastern Primary Clinic
Al Zuhoor Primary Clinic
Al Taj Primary Clinic
Prince Hussein Center for Kidney Diseases

Implemented in 2016 (10)

Husban Primary Clinic
Queen Alia Heart Institute
Shafa Badran Primary Clinic
Al Aal Primary Clinic
Mars'a Primary Clinic
Royal Jordanian Rehab Center
Woman Healthcare Comprehensive Center
Prince Hashim Bin Abdulla II Hospital
Prince Hashim Bin Hussein Hospital
Al Hussein Hospital / Out Patient Clinics

Implemented in 2015 (66)

Qafqafa Primary Clinic
Um Al Na'am Primary Clinic
Tabarbour Primary Clinic
Al Nuzha Primary Clinic
Mobes Primary Clinic
North Rusaifa Primary Clinic
Thera'a Primary Clinic
Alzubaydiah Primary Clinic
Prince Talal Primary Clinic
Balila Primary Clinic
Hawara Primary Clinic
North Madaba Comprehensive Clinic
East Madaba Comprehensive Center
Hashemieh Housing Comprehensive Clinic
Farooq Comprehensive Center
Razi Comprehensive Center - Jerash
Leb Comprehensive Clinic
Beirain Comprehensive Clinic
Jerash Comprehensive Clinic
Rehab Comprehensive Clinic
Wadi Alhajar Comprehensive Clinic
Prince Hamza District Comprehensive Clinic
Yarmouk University Comprehensive Clinic
Princess Iman Laboratories
Jerash Governmental Hospital
Prince Faisal Bin Hussein Hospital
Al Yarmouk Governmental Hospital
Ramtha Governmental Hospital
Mafraq Gyna/Pediatric Hospital
Mafraq Governmental Hospital
Luaibdeh Comprehensive Clinic
Ma'an Government Hospital
Southern Mafraq Primary Clinic
Hay Al Hussein Primary Clinic
Al Azaydeh Primary Clinic
Beit Ras Primary Clinic
Qadisiyah Primary Clinic
Urban Development Primary Clinic-Irbid
Al Hashemiyyah Primary Clinic
Eydoun Bani Hasan Primary Clinics
Bushra Primary Clinic
Salhoub Primary Clinic
Zarqa New Primary Clinic
Old Town Primary Clinic
Urban Development Primary Clinic-Zarq'a
Al Rabwah Primary Clinic
Etwal Primary Clinic
Marqab Primary Clinic
Al Awdeh Primary Clinic
Prince Mohammed Primary Clinic
Al Razy Primary Clinic-Irbid
Haninah Primary Clinic
Al Mabroukah Primary Clinic
Al Saro Primary Clinic
Hamaydeh Primary Clinic
Rumman Primary Clinic
Ibn Sina Primary Clinic
Mahes Primary Clinic
Al Yazidieh Primary Clinic
Souf Primary Clinic
Al Salaihy Primary Clinic
Qusour Primary Clinic
Queen Rania Al Abdullah Hospital for Children
Queen Rania Governmental Hospital
Al Nadeem Governmental Hospital
Prince Abdullah Primary Clinic

Implemented in 2014 (20)

Jwiedeh Primary Clinic
W.Ramtha Primary Clinic
Um Nowara Primary Clinic
Istiqlal Primary Clinic
Tlaa Al Ali Primary Clinic
Dahiet Al Hussein Primary Clinic
Ramtha Primary Clinic
North Ramtha Primary Clinic
Royal Hashemite Clinic
Aqaba Comprehensive Clinic
Kufur Yuba Comprehensive Clinic
Al Mansoura Comprehensive Clinic
Mafraq Comprehensive Clinic
Ramtha Comprehensive Clinic
Zarqa New Governmental Hospital
Princess Rahmeh Hospital
Princess Badea'a Hospital
King Hussein Cancer Center
Princess Basma Primary Clinic
Al Khazan Primary Clinic

Implemented in 2013 (3)

Ain Basha Comprehensive Clinic
Prince Hussein Hospital
North Hashmi Comprehensive Clinic

Implemented in 2012 (2)

Amman Comprehensive Clinic
Prince Hamza Hospital

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Hakeem program offers a world class implementation of EHRs across the Kingdom. The implementation includes:

  • Analysis of the health facility needs, design post implementation workflows, clinical transformation including enhancement of current workflows, configuration of the platform, and integration of medical devices, computer skills training, and IT consultations.
  • Installation of computers, servers and networks using the latest technologies and applications for wired and wireless network systems; installation of network management and security systems; and implementation of LAN and WAN networks, linking sites by connecting to the National Broadband Network (NBN) and Civil Status and Passports Department.
  • Implementing Hakeem program to automate health records and install all required packages including the implementation of VistA Imaging system, which enables health care providers to view high quality X-rays and scanned documents and images that are linked to the CPRS.
  • End users in hospitals and clinics implementing Hakeem program are trained on the packages of the program.
  • Local community awareness campaigns are organized to help create awareness and educate the community about Hakeem program benefits.