Hakeem applies Electronic Medical VistA PACS in five of its sites


The Electronic Health Solutions has accomplished the implementation of the Electronic Medical Picture Archiving and communication System (VistA Imaging PACS), in five hospitals and health centers that includes: Princess Rahma Hospital, Princess Badiya Hospital, Prince Hussein Bin Abdullah II Hospital, Al Hashmi Al Shamali Comprehensive Medical Center, and Ain Al Basha Comprehensive Medical Center. This comes to complement the company's efforts to raise the level of health care provided to citizens in the public sector’s hospitals and health centers. As the Electronic Medical PACS considered being of the most important electronic medical systems that have been applied in hospitals and health centers, where it stores X-ray images digitally with high quality which physicians can refer to and preview at any time through the Computer. It is worth mentioning that the Electronic Medical PACS has several benefits such as: Display X-ray images digitally which contributes to the accuracy of the diagnosis by the physician, the quickness of retrieving digital X-ray images when needed, In addition to the possibility of addressing the characteristics of digital images by doctors (as lighting adjustment and enlarge images). The features of applying this technology also includes the possibility to provide remote-consultation, which saves the patients time and effort in commuting to the major cities to get counseling, And reduces the cost of health care through optimal use of resources by saving and storing files and X-rays electronically rather than printing films. This archiving system has been implemented till now in the five sites mentioned previously, in addition to the completion of the pilot phase of the archiving system in both Prince Hamza Hospital and Amman Comprehensive Clinic Center. Its worth mention that “Hakeem” program is being implemented now in more than 40 locations including hospitals and health centers.