Electronic Health Solutions International (EHSI)

About EHSI

Due to growing regional demand for health IT services, EHS opted to establish an international company owned by EHS under the name of Electronic Health Solutions International (EHSI) in 2012. Owing to the effectiveness and success of the flagship program “Hakeem”, EHSI aims to promote and implement Hakeem program in countries interested in developing their healthcare services through automating this sector.

EHSI is a healthcare IT company that focuses on the Middle East healthcare market. Headquartered in Amman, EHSI is dedicated to helping healthcare organizations improve the quality and delivery of healthcare through the use of highly effective technology. EHSI provides comprehensive solutions for electronic health records utilizing VistA software.

EHSI completed the implementation of "Hakeem" program (based on VistA system) in Al Faruk Medical City, Al Sulaymaniah-Iraq and is currently implementing the program in Al Salam hospital Kuwait.

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