Tenders for 2024 Projects

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1. General Information

Upon participation, the bidder agrees to the following:

  1.  All costs incurred by the bidder in the preparation of this proposal shall be borne by the bidder.
  2. EHS will assume that all statements in writing, made by persons submitting proposals are true, accurate, complete, and not misleading.
  3. EHS reserves the right to cancel, at any time, this RFP partially or in its entirety. No legal liability on the part of EHS for payment of any kind shall arise and in no event will a cause of action lies with any bidder for the recovery of any cost incurred in connection with preparing or submitting a proposal, in response here to all efforts initiated or undertaken by the bidder shall be done considering and accepting this fact.
  4. Bidder's proposals shall be based on full compliance with the terms, conditions, and requirements of this RFP and its future clarifications and/or amendments.
  5. EHS shall not be under any obligation to return or save either the original or any copies of any bidder’s proposals (technical and/or financial), and all documents submitted to EHS, whether originals or copies, shall be kept or disposed of by EHS.
  6. This RFP constitutes an offer. EHS shall not be under obligation to enter into any agreement with any bidder in connection with this RFP and responses received.
  7. The bidder’s proposals (technical and financial) shall comply with the laws and regulations of the Hashemite Kingdome of Jordan.
  8. The bidder’s proposals (technical and financial) shall be compatible with international standards and best practices.
  9. As a part of the RFP response, the bidder is requested to fill out the compliance sheet included in this RFP.
  10. The bidder must include in his technical proposal a detailed Bill of Quantity “BOQ” for all proposed and priced items and services. Accordingly, this should be reflected and included in the financial offer with itemized quoted prices for all proposed items.
  11. EHS reserves the right to award the items included in equipment/items/solution/ services this tender partially or entirely unless mentioned otherwise in this RFP document.

2. Bidder Qualifications

  1. The bidder should be a registered company under the Jordanian Ministry of Industry and Trade for more than three years or represented by a company abiding by the aforementioned condition; otherwise, any international or regional bidder must present the formal documents which prove the financial capacity of the company in addition to its commercial registration documents at the country of origin.
  2. Bidder should have at least three references of similar projects in the health care sector accepted by EHS.
  3. The bidder shall have at least two live installations with support as of the date of submission of this bid.
  4. The bidder shall have specialized and certified engineers with relevant technical certification for at least two engineers.
  5. The bidder must submit up-to-date official documents of registration issued from the Companies Control Department.
  6. The bidder shall be an authorized Top-Level (Tier One) partner of the mother company he represents in this bid. An up-to-date valid official letter/certificate from the mother company shall be submitted by the bidder as part of the bidder's qualification documents, to prove the level of partnership for the bidder.
  7. The bidder must have at least two engineers certified by the mother company for the implementation and technical support of the proposed solution.
  8. All proposed and supplied equipment\solutions\items\services must be original, brand new (not refurbished), and licensed by the manufacturer (mother company) to be supplied and installed for this project at EHS.

3. Contact Information

Any questions regarding this RFP shall be directed to:

Name: Procurement Department
Company: Electronic Health Solutions

King Hussein Business Park, King Abdullah the second street.

4408 Amman 11952

Telephone / Fax: Telephone +962 (6) 5800461 EXT: 3042/6 - Fax +962 (6) 5800466