What Did They Say

What did they say?


Hakeem Program has elevated the quality of health services, further reinforcing Jordan’s position as a destination for healthcare throughout the region. The program has also provided access to medical information while maintaining the privacy of a patient’s health file, allowing effective communication among the many facilities of the Royal Medical Services.

Brigadier General Sahl Al-Hammouri

Director - Princess Haya Bint Al-Hussein Military Hospital

Hakeem Program has worked on organizing the queue when taking the treatment, waiting for doctors, receiving the radiology images and dispensing medications.

Ibrahim Al Faouri

A Patient at Prince Hamza Hospital

Hakeem Program is considered a flexible one since it keeps pace with each case, and the documentation feature of this program has facilitated the patient’s treatment and healthcare process.

Enas Jarrar

Childhood and Maternity Department - Ain Al Basha Comprehensive Medical Centre

"Based on my personal experience, the “Dental Packages” are very helpful, as they offer a comprehensive record of all the patient’s medical history, not to mention the program’s features like medication dispensing and drug interactions checker. And with practice, using the system has become more convenient than using paper for me."

Dr. Dima Abu Shuhot

General Dentistry- Northern Hashmi Comprehensive Healthcare Center

"Hakeem program assisted laboratory technicians a lot; as it reduced samples and results loss by sending them directly through Hakeem program, instead of the old transferring method. In addition to archiving all the results in electronic medical reports"

Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Nazeeh Abu Al Sheikh

Head of Pediatrics Laboratory - Royal Medical Services

"Hakeem Program engineers and the employees at the Heart Institute worked together on developing and adding new modifications to suit the Institute’s nature of work. This collaboration differentiated Hakeem program within the institute from other institutes; in which it helped in arranging the patient's portfolio, which was relatively large in comparison with now"

Brigadier General Dr. Saad Jaber

Head of Queen Alia Heart Institute - Royal Medical Services

"Hakeem Program developed a medical database for patients, reducing healthcare facilities’ operating costs with the optimal use of resources; by saving and storing files and x-rays electronically, controlling medication dispensing, and reducing costs incurred by unnecessary repetition of lab tests and other diagnostic procedures. All that helped in creating a comprehensive database to serve scientific studies and researches"

Dr. Bassam Al Shloul

General Manager - Al Zarqa’a New Public Hospital

"Saving patients’ electronic records to be used at any time, and alerting physicians about overdose incidents are some of Hakeem’s advantages. The program improved the quality of the offered healthcare services in the Kingdom, placing Jordan in a competitive position in this field"

Colonel Dr. Wael Khreisat

Neurologist - Royal Medical Services

"Since its implementation in the Royal Medical Services, Hakeem program accelerated the performance speed, helped in the follow-up of patient’s results, improved documentation, and alerts nurses and professionals when entering wrong information or medical mistakes"

Lieutenant Fayzeh Al Hamaydeh

Nurse at Digestive System and Chest Diseases Department – Royal Medical Services

"Regular monitoring and follow up by Hakeem team has contributed in promoting the offered services to a very high level. They ensure a seamless functionality of the used system here in the Royal Medical Services"

Lieutenant Colonel Diana Al Blouh

First Officer Medicine Supply - Royal Medical Services