Established in 2013 and launched in 2015, Hakeem Academy is the human capital development and educational arm of Electronic Health Solutions (EHS). It aims to develop healthcare professionals (both in the public and private sectors), university students (medical, nursing, pharmacy and ancillary medical services) and EHS employees, in the fields of health informatics and information technology.

Hakeem Academy provides courses, training, and guidance that seek to improve the quality of healthcare services provided to healthcare facilities throughout the Kingdom and to patients alike.


Build local capacity and human resources development by carrying out specialized training courses in health informatics so as to maintain a competitive edge in the national and regional health sectors.

Mission statement

Educate public health sector employees on how to use Hakeem program packages and applications, enforce the role of health informatics in enhancing the medical sector in Jordan and provide university graduates from medical faculties with the skills necessary to work on health informatics platforms in the public/private sectors locally and regionally.

Hakeem Academy pillars:

Hakeem Academy consists of two pillars, the first of which is partnerships with universities to build capacity of students in the area of health informatics and train students on Hakeem program. This particular initiative commenced activities with the Faculties of Medicine, Nursing and Biomedical Engineering at the Hashemite University beginning of 2013.

The Hashemite University was the pilot site for the implementation of Hakeem Educational Lab, which was created to simulate the work environment of automated healthcare facilities to teach students how to use Hakeem program's different packages and prepare them for work after graduation.

To date, Hakeem Academy has partnered with a number of private and public Jordanian universities through signed memorandums of understanding (MOU):

  • Al albayt University (Princess Salma Faculty of Nursing).
  • Jordan University of Science & Technology (Faculty of Nursing).
  • Al-Ahliyya Amman University (Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Nursing and Faculty of Allied Medical Services).
  • Hakeem Academy renewed its MOU with the Hashemite University in order to continue the partnership established in 2013.

The second pillar entails the provision of training for various departments throughout EHS. The aim is to develop the skills of employees in order for them to be able to perform their tasks and duties related to the effective implementation of Hakeem program.


مسابقة أكاديمية حكيم بنسختها الثامنة

The 8th Hakeem Academy Annual Competition (HAAC) Concludes with Spectacular Results and Presentations

HAAC 2023

The 8th Hakeem Academy Annual Competition (HAAC): Showcasing Innovation and Excellence in Healthcare Technology