Research Application Review Process

Any application for EHS involvement in a research should go through the following process:

  • The application for EHS involvement in the research should be done online through EHS website.
  • After submitting all the requirements for the research application, EHS Research Committee will review the application.
  • Once the research proposal is approved by EHS Research Committee, the cost of EHS involvement in the research will be shared with the principal researcher.
  • After paying the cost of the data extraction, by the principal researcher or a legal representative of the researcher to the financial department of EHS, the company then will proceed with the needed steps to complete the research process.
  • The principal researcher is required to get approval from data owners (e.g. Ministry of Health, Royal Medical Services) of patients involved in the study as per the signed commitment form, to share the study results and to obtain the data owner Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval before any intended publication.
  • Once the study is published, the principal researcher should share the results with EHS Research Committee.