Dr@Hakeem Mobile App



Hakeem program offers a variety of e-services for public healthcare institutions that implement the Hakeem System, which includes applications that aim to EMPOWER PHYSICIANS AND HEALTHCARE WORKERS such as Dr@Hakeem Mobile App!

"Dr@Hakeem" is the first national application that provides sufficient details for physicians about their daily appointments and patients' medical history and enables them to track their medical appointments remotely wherever they are and whenever they want to simply by entering the patient’s national ID number. 

This app also, provides complete details about the patient's medical history, such as vital signs, allergies, health problems, laboratory tests, radiology reports, and medications, to improve the healthcare process in the public health sector in Jordan.

This service is only available for physicians who work for Healthcare institutions under the Ministry of Health and The Royal Medical Services.



Download "Dr@Hakeem" mobile App now: 


App Store - IOS 

Google Play - Android 

Ministry Of Health  -MoH 



Royal Medical Services - RMS 



Dr@Hakeem Application Features:

  1. Main clinics screen: Displays the main clinics available in the Hakeem Program

  2. Sub-clinics screen: Displays each doctor’s clinical appointments

  3.  Appointments screen: Displays the patients’ scheduled appointments.

  4. Appointment Details screen: Enables doctors to view the (Patient’s name, hospital/health care center name, and clinic’s special instructions). 

  5. Patient information screen: Displays the patient’s basic information, vital signs, and medical record.

  6. Patient health summary screen: Displays the patient’s health problems, allergies, medications, vaccines … etc.

  7. Laboratory test details screen: The doctor can view the patient’s laboratory orders and test results.

  8. Radiology screen: This enables the doctor to view his patient’s radiology reports.