Launched in 2019 under the patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II, The Health Data Analytics program “HDA” was developed and established by EHS staff to support and empower both researchers and decision-makers in the health sector in Jordan, by facilitating the process of extracting reliable information in an integrated and comprehensive manner through offering artificial and technical solutions, and data mining tools, as well as implementing analytical solutions for better decisions.

The Health Data Analytics program “HDA” relies mainly on the huge amount of medical files and big data stored in Hakeem program since its launch back in 2009 and the automation of more than 195 health institutions around Jordan with more than 7 million electronic medical files stored in the system, “HDA” offers data mining solutions as well as data analytics to provide decision-makers and researchers with accurate solutions and recommendations based on scientific methods and practices. 

“HDA” structure established on three major pillars to deliver its main objective serving the health sector in Jordan:

1- Supporting studies and research

2- Improving data quality 

3- Business intelligence solutions