Research FAQs

Research Application FAQs

How do I submit a research proposal?

Applications are submitted through EHS website. Once the application is completely submitted, it will be referred to EHS Research Committee for review.  You can submit a research proposal from HERE

Do I have to collaborate with an EHS researcher?

Though not required, collaboration with an EHS researcher is encouraged as it helps in maximizing the scientific potential of the unique electronic data.

What is the deadline for my application?

Application process goes through EHS Research Committee for review and extraction of data depending on the required variables/data for the specific study.

Are there fees associated with receiving data or materials?

The fees of EHS involvement in a research is calculated and shared with the researcher.

Discount on the cost of EHS involvement in the research study can be granted if the applicant is:

  • A student.
  • One of EHS employees.
  • One of EHS sponsors.

The amount of discount will be decided by EHS Research Committee considering the financial impact on EHS resources, type of the applicant, and significance of the study.

How do I request entity/participant contact?

Requests for entity/participant contact may be made by submitting a research proposal to EHS and obtaining the required Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval from data owners of patients involved in the study e.g. Ministry of Health, Royal Medical Services.

Which committee(s) will review my application?

EHS Research Committee will review the applications and provide a decision on whether to continue or reject the participation in the research project.

When do the committees review my proposal?

Research Committee review is on a rolling basis.

Do I need Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval?

Approval of the IRB committees for all sites intended to be included in the study is a must. The IRB approval should clarify and state if the researcher is allowed to get identified data and participants’ contacts.

Will I be informed whether my application got approved or rejected?


What is the publication policy?

All publications based on Hakeem database must have an acknowledgement of EHS.

All manuscripts and abstracts, posters and other forms of publications should be sent to EHS prior to submission for publication, in addition to obtaining the data owner IRB approval for the publication.