My Hakeem Mobile Application

My Hakeem Mobile App 

"My Hakeem" is a web-based electronic services platform and Mobile App that enables its users to access and view their pre-booked medical appointments, also selective medical information such as; active and pending medications, recent immunizations, pending and complete laboratory tests, allergies, and vital signs as well as their demographic data, that available on the user's electronic health record registered within any healthcare institution that implements Hakeem program.

My Hakeem Medications Delivery Service

The Medication delivery service aims to facilitate drug prescriptions for patients who cannot physically visit the hospital or would like to receive their monthly medications (refills) through delivery.

It can help residents who live far from hospitals, elderly patients, and patients whose health could be at significant risk if contagious diseases infect them, in addition to quarantined patients due to Coronavirus protocols. Implementing this service is expected to raise safety and save time and effort.

This service will improve the quality of healthcare provided to patients through less crowded queues by decreasing the number of hospital visitors.

Current sites that implement "My Hakeem" medication delivery service:

- Al Bashir Hospital

- Al Hussein Hospital - Al Salt

- Zarqa New Governmental Hospital

- Jameel Al Totanji Hospital

- Prince Faisal Hospital

-Al Nadeem Hospital (NGH)

-Ma'an Governmental Hospital

- Amman Comprehensive Clinic

- Al Lweibdeh Comprehensive Clinic

- Abu Nsair Comprehensive Clinic

- Al Jubaiha Comprehensive Clinic

- Al Hashmi Northern Comprehensive Clinic

- Tabarbour Comprehensive Clinic

- Wadi Al Seer Comprehensive Clinic

- Jufeh Comprehensive Center

- Qwaismeh Comprehensive Center

- Um Qsair Comprehensive Center

- Khraibet Al Souq Comprehensive Center

- Sahab Comprehensive Center

- Swaileh Comprehensive Center

- Naour Comprehensive Center

- Prince Hamza District Comprehensive Clinic

- Hashemieh Housing Comprehensive Clinic

- Berain Comprehensive Clinic

- Wadi Al Hajar Comprehensive Clinic

- Al Amiriyah Comprehensive Clinic

- Al Mshairfeh Comprehensive Clinic

- Hay Al Rasheed Comprehensive Clinic

- Zarqa Comprehensive Clinic

- Badr Comprehensive Clinic

- Marj Al Hamam Comprehensive Clinic

- Fuhais Comprehensive Clinic

- Princess Basmah Comprehensive Clinic

- Naser Comprehensive Clinic

- Marka Comprehensive Clinic

- Ohud Comprehensive Clinic

- Abu Alanda Comprehensive Clinic

- Price Talal Primary Clinic

- Urban Development Primary Clinic - Zarqa

- North Rusaifa Primary Clinic

- Tela’a Al Ali Primary Clinic


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