Message from the CEO


Year after year, Electronic Health Solutions (EHS) works on applying its unique programs to achieve a radical change to enhance the quality and efficiency of the offered public health care services, by deploying the latest health-related technologies and solutions. Realizing the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein to advance healthcare in Jordan as a basic right for every citizen, the company was founded in early 2009 and launched its flagship program “Hakeem”, which was implemented in public hospitals, comprehensive and primary clinics. And besides Hakeem, EHS works on two other essential programs, The Electronic Library of Medicine - Jordan “ELM” and Hakeem Academy.

By time, EHS achievements started to accelerate, especially in the last two years. As the company successfully automated 100 medical institutions, which forms more than 30 percent of the total weight of public medical institutions in the kingdom.

During the past years, EHS managed to map Jordan as one of the leading countries in automating the public health sector. For instance, over 3 million electronic patients’ medical records were registered in the system until end of last year, which is considered a national achievement for Jordan on the regional level. It is worth mentioning that EHS partnered with many parties to achieve that goal, including The Ministry of Health, Ministry of Information and Communications Technology, The Royal Medical Services, King Hussein Cancer Foundation, King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD), Royal Health Awareness Society, and The Private Hospitals Association.

Hakeem, the national e-health program, has become an integral part of the health sector in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, while it all started in Prince Hamzah Public Hospital and Amman Comprehensive Clinic, and it went viral afterwards to reach King Hussein Cancer Foundation, Al Bashir Hospital and King Hussein Medical Center- Royal Jordanian Medical Services, recently.

The company’s scope exceeded the automation of medical records and procedures, to integrating its services with mobile and telecommunications services to launch a mobile application “Dr@Hakeem”, which enables physicians to view their patients’ medical appointments and history remotely, in order to save them time and effort, reduce paper-work, and ultimately improve the healthcare process.

The past two years, 2015 and 2016, witnessed some great achievements for EHS and important agreements with several institutions, the most prominent of which was the cooperation agreement with the Jordanian government to regulate the relationship between EHS; the implementing company of “Hakeem” program, and all the health-related parties. Furthermore, in these two years, the company has worked on signing numerous memorandums of understanding and agreements with Jordanian universities to educate students about Hakeem program and health informatics.

Beside Hakeem, EHS launched the Electronic Library of Medicine - Jordan (ELM) in 2013. Nowadays, ELM portal includes a big number of electronic medical e-books, e-journals and medical resources like EBSCO, Health DynaMed Plus, Ovid, and much more of which require yearly high subscription fees but are provided to ELM Portal users for free. The portal had more than 14 thousand subscribers until end of 2016, with a growing number of 200 new members per month.

Looking at Hakeem Academy, it was established in 2015 to develop and train local experts in the health sector and university students on health informatics, in addition to the goal of introducing university students to VistA system, Hakeem’s platform, and train them on it. Hakeem Academy also fuels universities to develop the educational curricula, in order to keep up with the automation of the health sector and the continuous developments in that field. Therefore, the Academy signed many memoranda of understanding with a number of Jordanian universities and established virtual laboratories in the faculties of medicine and nursing.

We will continue our hard work to consolidate the pioneering stand of EHS, as the leading national company to automate the public health sector, to realize the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein to advance healthcare in Jordan as a basic right for every citizen.



Electronic Health Solutions CEO

Eng. Feras Ragheb Kamal