Message from the CEO





Welcome to the Electronic Health Solutions (EHS) Website


While many believe that our operation and expertise are limited to the automation of the Jordanian Health Sector, yet at Electronic Health Solutions (EHS), we strive to use innovative technologies to influence a societal change and improve the quality of health care services in Jordan, by being leaders of change and development.  Founded in 2009 to pursue the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein for the support of the healthcare sector. Today, we proudly approach a decade of achievement and prosperity.


It is our firm belief at EHS that Human Recourses Management and Employee Development are some of our greatest pillars and are what makes our company exceptional. With that conviction, our work has gone beyond the automation of the health sector, through our flagship program "Hakeem". This has enabled us to launch the Electronic Library of Medicine-Jordan (ELM), covering some of the most important international medical evidence-based resources that are provided for healthcare providers for free, along with Hakeem Academy which aims to develop healthcare professionals (both in the public and private sectors), university students (medical, nursing, pharmacy and ancillary medical services) and EHS employees, in the fields of health informatics and information technology.


The qualified efforts of our young Jordanian talents aimed at automating the entire health care sector in Jordan, and in 2017, they hit a milestone by automating 190 healthcare facilities throughout the kingdom, most prominently, automating Al-Bashir Hospital and its facilities, as well as the King Hussein Hospital located at the Hussein Medical City. Last year also witnessed the automation of all public health care facilities in Al Karak making it the first governorate to be fully automated.


One of EHS’s main core objectives is ongoing innovation and creativity. To illustrate this, last year we were successful in developing a smartphone application for doctors operating in the Ministry of Health and the Jordanian Royal Medical Services. In addition, we were able to develop other numerous health care applications, including the surgery package, anesthesia care, and the blood bank. This is all being done in parallel with continuous updates on "Hakeem Program applications, as well as our reporting and dashboard system through Business Intelligence.


Over the past years, more than 5 million medical records have been entered into Hakeem program, this wealthy information will surely help elevate the level of medical services for the Jordanian citizens by enabling decision-makers to have the full and curtail information when making decisions.


One of our main goals for 2018 is the implementation of the patient billing and stock management system that will ensure the complete and comprehensive automation of the entire cycle within healthcare facilities. For this purpose, last year, EHS signed a strategic partnership agreement with "IQVIA" to implement specialized systems for patient billing and stock management within the healthcare sector. 




Stemming from our firm belief in the privacy and the protection of our beneficiaries data, EHS has obtained the ISO 27001 certification of Information Security Management, which identifies potential risks and establishes appropriate control measures over the risk management, aiming at ultimately addressing and solving it.


We truly believe that education and knowledge are the pillars of success, so we are also proud to announce that we will be incorporating the Electronic Library of Medicine-Jordan (ELM) in 2018, as part of the workflow in various healthcare facilities. The library's user base has risen to more than 20,000 users by the end of 2017 especially with the continuous need of physicians, healthcare providers and university students to enrich their knowledge and obtain the latest medical resources and best practices. Additionally, the British Medical Journal “BMJ” was recently added to the library.


As leaders in health informatics, we believe that it is our obligation to share this wealth of practical and theoretical knowledge and expertise with students in various Jordanian universities. As a result, around 200 university students from different medical sectors have been trained in health informatics and Hakeem program and also, motivating to innovate through the “Hakeem Academy Annual Competition” for Jordanian Universities’ students.


It is our firm belief that the proper implementation of Hakeem program is the core of its success, as we have trained over 29,000 individuals from the public health sector on the optimal use of the program and its execution.


The achievements that EHS has achieved are inspirational. We are proud of our success, which we hope has inspired others, and have also been able to transform His Majesty King Abdullah’s II vision in elevating the public health sector in Jordan into reality.


Electronic Health Solutions CEO

Eng. Feras Ragheb Kamal