The 9th Hakeem Academy Annual Competition (HAAC) First Round Kicked Off

The 9th Hakeem Academy Annual Competition (HAAC) First Round Kicked Off

Hakeem Academy, the human capital development and educational arm of Electronic Health Solutions (EHS), announced the launch of the first round of its 9th annual health-tech competition, targeting students from various medical disciplines in Jordanian universities.

Eng. Omar I. Ayesh, CEO of Electronic Health Solutions stated “This competition comes as a commitment to our constant support of the creative Jordanian minds and ideas in the field of health informatics and encourage them to come up with innovative solutions that will elevate the healthcare sector”.

Ayesh added: “We believe that (HAAC) will enhance the skills and experience of all participants through providing learning and training opportunities in various topics related to their projects.

Ayesh also encouraged all interested individuals to participate in this competition, hoping that their creative projects will positively impact the Jordanian healthcare sector.

Hakeem Academy Annual Competition (HAAC) is one of the specialized and leading competitions in health informatics in the Kingdom, as it encourages innovative thinking and provides creative solutions in the fields of Biomedical Engineering, AI and Information Technology which in its turn will positively impact the Jordanian health sector and the national economy.

The final date for submitting the applications for participating in HAAC will be on Wednesday May 15, 2024, qualified teams will be announced on Friday May 24, 2024 for preparation to the next stage.

The teams will be selected in the first stage based on an initial presentation for their projects which will be presented in front of an internal judging committee from different specialties and backgrounds. The projects that will be taken into consideration must contain, medical equipment, mobile application and platforms etc..

All qualified teams will start a boot camp from June 24 to August 24, 2024 in preparation for the final stage of the competition in mid-September.

Interested individuals can visit to know more on how to apply for HAAC and be part of an amazing journey.