EHS Launches the Electronic Library of Medicine -Jordan "ELM" Mobile App


Electronic Health Solutions (EHS), announced the launch of the ‘Electronic Library for Medicine -Jordan’ (ELM) Mobile Application for smartphones as an addition to its current online web-based Library. 

This new mobile app allows its users to access a wide array of medical resources, such as articles, journals, e-books, studies or clinical trials reports, guidelines and research databases, at their fingertips. Which will enhance their professional, medical, and academic capabilities and skills.

Eng. Omar Ibrahim Ayesh, CEO of EHS, highlighted, "The ELM smartphone application is considered as one of the major milestones for our company, contributing to our ongoing efforts to elevate and advance healthcare services and its practitioners’ potentials in Jordan."

Eng. Ayesh emphasized the company's commitment to facilitating the electronic recourses access for healthcare providers and professionals in the healthcare sector, Jordanian universities students pursuing medical disciplines, and universities faculty members around the kingdom. The ELM Mobile App aims to support professional medical and clinical research development.

The ELM Mobile App offers various features, including convenient access to the library and its resources at any time and from anywhere. The user-friendly interface, specifically designed for smartphones, ensures a seamless and straightforward user experience.

Furthermore, the new ELM Mobile App provides personalized alerts and updates on the latest medical research, articles, and relevant trends and practice changing alerts in a specific field.

With an enhanced search function, users can easily find the medical resources they need, along with straightforward access to Continuous Professional Development (CPD) resources. This aids in staying updated on the latest treatment methods from globally recognized standards.

The new ELM Mobile Application keeps healthcare providers, researchers and students informed about the latest medical developments and practice-changing updates, ensuring the delivery of high-quality healthcare to all patients. Smartphone users can search and download the Electronic Jordan Medical Library "ELM" from the App Store or Google Play under the name ELM – Jordan.