Electronic Health Solutions and King Hussein Cancer Center Sign a Memorandum of Understanding Supporting Healthcare

Continuing its efforts to raise healthcare levels, Electronic Health Solutions (EHS), represented by the Electronic Library of Medicine (ELM), and the King Hussein Cancer Center signed a memorandum of understanding to share experiences and knowledge to improve healthcare levels in the Kingdom.

The memorandum was signed by the CEO of EHS, Eng. Omar Ibrahim Ayesh, and the President of the King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC) Education and Training Academy, Dr. Jamal Khader, in the presence of several senior staff from both sides.

The memorandum reflects the work of ELM with the medical library at the King Hussein Cancer Center, by providing reliable and evidence-based medical sources. It also reflects the collaboration of both parties in training cadres and employees in the health field on how to use and benefit from the available medical references and supporting research. In the health informatics field, sharing experiences contributes to improving and building the capacities of health workers.

In this regard, Eng. Ayesh said, “We are proud to sign this agreement with the King Hussein Cancer Center, which is considered one of the most important institutions at the regional level and in the Jordanian health sector, making it an ideal choice for thousands of patients around the world due to the efficiency and skills of its staff. We are proud of the consecutive accomplishments that we have achieved at EHS in terms of continuing our main and vital role in advancing the health care sector and facilitating access to high-quality health services to citizens.” Indicating that the company will harness all its technical, creative, and human capabilities to achieve the goals that it was founded.

Dr. Jamal added, “One of the most important strategic goals of the King Hussein Cancer Center is for it to be a beacon and destination for knowledge, which is why the Center is keen on forming local and international partnerships and collaborations to acquire the latest data and updated information. Hence, the importance of this agreement with EHS is to expand the database of the center’s library, by adding scientific and research sources, which will reflect positively on the health services provided to our patients. “