Electronic Health Solutions (EHS) Introduces Innovative "Follow up Appointment Booking" Feature in My Hakeem Mobile Application

حجز موعد متابعة

Electronic Health Solutions (EHS), a frontrunner in healthcare technology, has unveiled a new feature in its My Hakeem Mobile Application, allowing patients to effortlessly request medical follow-up appointments, known as "appointment booking." This service is now available in selected governmental healthcare institutions affiliated with the Ministry of Health, enhancing the patient experience and streamlining healthcare processes.

Patients can now access the "appointment booking" feature at several key locations, including Al Bashir Hospital, Al Zarqa Government Hospital, Princess Rahma Teaching Hospital - Irbid, Al Hussain New Salt Hospital, Al Karak Public Hospital, Al Karak Health Centre, the new Al Zarqa Comprehensive Health Center, and Baqi Comprehensive Health Center. Expansion plans are in progress to include all healthcare institutions associated with the Ministry of Health, providing a comprehensive and accessible healthcare solution to the community.

Speaking about the new feature, EHS CEO Omar Ibrahim Ayesh emphasized its significance in enhancing patient convenience. He stated, "Through the addition of this service, we aim to facilitate and ease treatment for patients and visitors to healthcare institutions. This service will enable them to request follow-up appointments at ease, consequently reducing the need to visit the healthcare institution multiple times, saving them time, effort, and the hassle of travel."

Ayesh reiterated EHS's commitment to delivering top-notch services, emphasizing the company's dedication to elevating healthcare quality within the kingdom. The introduction of the "appointment booking" feature aligns with EHS's mission to positively impact the healthcare sector's standing on the global stage.

My Hakeem application, currently benefiting over 85,000 users, offers a range of diverse healthcare services, including monthly medication delivery and access to electronic medical records. Users can access authenticated and selective health information in their electronic medical records as well as request the delivery of their monthly medications.