The Electronic Library of Medicine‎"ELM"‎-Jordan Enriches its portal with "BMJ" resources


Electronic Health Solutions "EHS" has signed a working group charter with the respected publisher British Medical Journal "BMJ", which, in turn, provides a wide range of medical journals, medical and educational resources in order to be added to the Electronic Library of Medicine "ELM"- Jordan portal, one of EHS’s programs


The concerned charter was signed at EHS offices in Amman by EHS Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. Rami Farraj and the Chief Operating Officer of BMJ Mr. Patrick Spencer, followed by a workshop organized by Electronic Health Solutions "EHS" to shed light on the Electronic Library of Medicine "ELM", the event was attended by more than 150 physicians and health care professionals


The Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. Farraj stated: "The enrichment of ELM portal with BMJ resources is deemed prominent, with respect to supporting the decision making process for healthcare professionals relying on evidence based medical information, as we strive to strengthen the educational approach as well as the continuous professional development of healthcare professionals in Jordan



Dr. Farraj added, today we have over 16 thousand active users benefiting from ELM portal and the number is increasing as healthcare professionals strive to enrich their knowledge within their healthcare facilities through the latest medical information, indicating that ELM  will be embedded within healthcare institutions workflows


For his part, CEO of Electronic Health Solutions “EHS” Eng. Feras Kamal stated that: "The objective of adding BMJ resources to ELM, falls under the communicable diseases program that is funded by the US government for the coming two years, it will also enhance the efficiency of health care in Jordan through providing best practices and latest medical resources for healthcare providers to enhance the efficiency of diagnosis


He added that the workshop included specialized sessions using the resources provided by BMJ, and the optimal way to use them, as well as how to strengthen the communicable diseases program in Jordan through providing efficient data by our healthcare professionals

-Communicable diseases are defined, according to the definition of the World Health Organization, as the diseases that are produced by the infection of a causal agent that can be spread directly or indirectly from person to person or between people and animals


For his part the CEO of BMJ Mr. Patrick Spencer outlined that BMJ provides many medical resources, and is deemed one of the most important resources which cover medical information of more than thousand different topics and more than 800 different training courses on specialized health care


Spencer added that the journal is one of the oldest medical resources, and its first appearance was in 1840, it provides up-to-date, evidence based medical information that assists healthcare professionals when making diagnostic and therapeutic decisions


The Electronic Library of Medicine "ELM" is open for healthcare professionals and university students of diversified scientific specialties for free through its portal