Hakeem Academy Initiates Informational Lectures for Local Universities

محاضرات عن برنامج حكيم لطلاب الجامعات الأردنية


Amman *** January 2023

Hakeem Academy, One of Electronic Health Solutions’ leading programs, initiated informational lectures for the Hashemite University and Applied Science Private University as part of its plans to raise awareness surrounding health informatics, and the ways in which the national program ‘Hakeem’ can contribute to improvements in the effectiveness of medical management.

The first lecture, held at the Hashemite University's Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, shed light on the role of drug information in pioneering electronic pharmaceutical work through the Hakeem Program, and how it can aid in achieving radical developments in the health care provided to citizens to the best international standards. The lecture also emphasized the economic efficiency and improvement in workflow procedures that the program provides, which will positively reflect on the patient's experience.

Hakeem Academy also hosted students from the Applied Science Private University's Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Department for a lecture on the importance of data science and artificial intelligence applications in the sector, as well as future opportunities in the medical sector.

Electronic Health Solutions CEO, Omar Ibrahim Ayesh, explained that “Hakeem” Program, which is one of EHS’ most ambitious programs and the first national initiative of its kind, aims to automate all public healthcare hospitals and health facilities in Jordan. The program has contributed to elevating healthcare services and improving medical facility standards to meet international standards, among other benefits for patients and healthcare recipients.

Ayesh stated that Hakeem Academy will continue to play a leading role in raising awareness and provide training for local university students specializing in health informatics, as well as developing their skills to achieve Hakeem program and EHS goals.