Electronic Health Solutions Appoints New CEO Eng. Omar Ibrahim Ayesh

Eng. Omar Ibrahim Ayesh

Electronic Health Solutions board of directors appointed Engineer Omar Ibrahim Ayesh as CEO of the company.

Engineer Ayesh, one of the founders of the Hakeem program, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Toledo in the United States and a Master’s degree in Health Informatics from the University of Leeds, United Kingdom. He has over 25 years of experience in healthcare and health IT and has held various leadership and managerial positions throughout the years. 

Prior to taking on his new role, Eng. Ayesh served as Chief Operations Officer at Electronic Health Solutions (EHS) from April 2018 until October 2021.

The chairman of the company's board of directors Dr. Rami Farraj assured that Ayesh’s experience and qualifications will enable him to successfully lead the company and elevate its position and leading role in digitizing the health sector and providing optimal healthcare services to Jordanian patients.

On this occasion, the EHS Board of Directors congratulated Eng. Ayesh on his appointment as CEO, expressing confidence in his expertise and competency to steering the company to new stages of development and prosperity, noting that Eng. Ayesh will adopt a new approach and strategies in working that are aligned hand in hand with the current phase and future anticipations to fulfill and build on the company's achievements in the past years.

Commenting on this decision, Eng. Ayesh expressed his appreciation to assume the position of CEO and said, "I look forward to achieving more successful milestones for the company to contribute in elevating the health sector in Jordan in order to achieve His Majesty’s vision in supporting, strengthening and digitizing the healthcare sector in the Kingdom.”