Electronic Health Solutions Obtains the ISO 27001 Certification

Electronic Health Solutions Obtains the ISO 27001 Certification

Electronic Health Solutions ‎(EHS) obtained the ISO 27001 certification of information security management, which implements the identification of potential risks and establishes appropriate controls over the risk management, aiming at ultimately addressing it.

The combined efforts of EHS and SMT Co., the specialized firm in information ‎security management, have successfully resulted in obtaining the ISO 27001 certification for information security management

EHS constantly strives to protect its information and data from any kind of risks, including hacking and information breaches, owing to its qualified personnel who continue to work arduously, aiming at ensuring the information security of the concerned company

This prominent achievement reflects the company's enduring desire to develop the optimal techniques and global standards to increase the efficiency of work and provide a safe technological environment that can preserve the company's data, privacy, as well as the integrity of the patient records. Furthermore, the number of the saved medical files electronically   reached more than 4.6 million files

The ISO 27001 certification is deemed a clear reflection of the company's deep commitment at all levels in the information systems protection. Accordingly, the significance of this certification lies in the core role of information security, as well as the administration of various information systems worldwide, due to the increased cybercrime operations that imposed the need for combined efforts of all countries, besides the government and private institutions at the global level, including individuals with respect to reducing all risks related to the information security , especially in view of the technical development and the proliferation risks posed by its uses and applications