Hakeem Launches Remote Follow-up Clinic in Cooperation with the Royal Medical Services

May 7, 2020 – Amman, Jordan: Hakeem, the Electronic Health Solutions company (EHS), has announced the launch of the preliminary stage of the Remote Follow-up Clinic service, which is part of the National Program for Computerizing the Health Sector. The new service will allow patients to book appointments and consult with doctors working at facilities affiliated with the Royal Medical services online and is part of the e-Med platform (www.emed.hakeem.jo) that was launched earlier to further develop the services provided by the Jordanian healthcare sector.

This preliminary stage allows patients to request an online video-conference appointment for specializations diabetes, oncology, renal systems, and general internal medicine at the Al-Hussein Hospital in the Al-Hussein Medical City. The service, which is still in its initial stages, will be expanded to include other specializations and facilities in accordance with the requirements of the Royal Medical Services.

Through this service, which was developed by Hakeem in cooperation with the Royal Medical Services, the company takes yet another step in its innovative offerings, helping increase the efficiency of the Jordanian healthcare sector and the quality of services it provides through technical support and efficient technical solutions.

At the launch of the service, Director General of the Royal Medical Services Brigadier General Adel Wahadneh said that this step was taken in order to support the country’s efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic and to provide healthcare for patients, particularly those who are unable had previously visited the facility and were unable to follow up with their doctors due to the country-wide shut down. The director also said that through this service, the health status of patients can be assessed, and doctors and specialists can answer any questions they may have.

Wahadneh also spoke of the importance of the bundle of services launched by EHS, which he said will continue to be implemented even after the coronavirus pandemic is over, as they are an essential part of the global healthcare digital transformation currently underway.

At the launch, EHS CEO Engineer Feras Kamal spoke with pride about his company’s development of this new service, which will serve both patients and Royal Medical Service healthcare providers, saying: “The healthcare digitization team continues its effective and innovative role in the upgrade of the quality of services by exploring all possibilities and harnessing its sizable expertise in this field.” He went on to add that the new Remote Follow-up Clinics the latest addition to the services provided by Hakeem on its e-Med platform, facilitating the monitoring patients who are unable to reach Royal Medical Services hospitals or healthcare facilities due to the current restrictions put in place because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Appointments for the clinic are made or cancelled online through designated Royal Medical Services personnel, and patients can access the Remote Follow-up Clinic for their appointments via a computer or smartphone connected to the internet to ensure clear and effective communication with their doctor.

The Hakeem program is currently implemented in more than 196 health establishments including hospitals and comprehensive or primary healthcare centers, including 18 health facilities affiliated with the Royal Medical Services, including two hospitals, three comprehensive healthcare centers, and three primary healthcare centers. To date, approximately 77% of the total number of beds in the public sector are part of the program and more than seven million medical files have been uploaded onto the system by healthcare providers. More than 30,000 people have accessed the program, including doctors, pharmacists, radiology experts and nurses.